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Grouped with aviation services professionals with over 10 years, GT Fuel & Handling provides comprehensive fueling and handling services to aviation industry at a great number of airports worldwide. Working closely with our global and regional fuel and handling services suppliers benefits you with safe, speedy and reliable services at competitive rates.

Our Services: Fueling

GT Fuel & Handling provides competitive and reliable into-plane fueling services of Jet A1 to all types of aircraft.

We partner with the best fuel service providers from around the globe to take care of your fueling requirement and provide you with the competitive, cost-efficient Jet A1 fuel at the worldwide locations.

Experienced fuel dispatchers with personalized service are here to service your fuel request 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Our Services: Fueling

Handling and Ground Support Services

Handling and Ground Support Services

Partnering with the best handling service agents and FBOs at the worldwide locations enables us to ensure your aircraft ground support services exceed your expectation. Whether a basic or complex task to VVIP requirements, our highly trained staff is always on hand to ensure your complete satisfaction, both on the ground and in the air.


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